Bundle of Mom & Pop Asian Restaurants

Here we present six Asian Restaurant chains who own less than 20 locations. 

List NameLast UpdatedRecord CountPrice
Complete List of Wagamama US Locations02/05/2019< 100$39.00
Complete List of Wow Bao Locations 06/05/2019< 100$59.00
Complete List of ShopHouse Locations 02/02/2017< 100$59.00
Complete List of Panda Inn Locations12/27/2018< 100$39.00
Complete List of Hibachi-San Locations02/24/2019< 100$59.00
Complete List of Mama Fu's Asian House Locations 01/19/2019< 100$59.00
Total Record Count100 - 200
Total Unbundled Price$314.00
Instant Savings$104.00 (33%)