Bundle of Small International Restaurants

We’ve bundled up our International restaurants to give you a great discount. These lists have restaurants from various places around the world with less than 20 locations.

List NameLast UpdatedRecord CountPrice
Complete List of Freddo Chile Locations10/08/2018< 100$39.00
Complete List of Quiznos UK Locations06/22/2018< 100$39.00
Complete List of Tavelli Chile Locations02/14/2019< 100$59.00
Complete List of EMPORIO LA ROSA Chile Locations03/05/2019< 100$59.00
Complete List of Applebee's Canada Locations04/22/2019< 100$59.00
Complete List of Garfunkel's UK Locations08/19/2018< 100$59.00
Complete List of Bagel Nash UK Locations04/25/2018< 100$59.00
Complete List of Faucet Inn UK Locations05/25/2018< 100$59.00
Total Record Count< 100
Total Unbundled Price$432.00
Instant Savings$157.00 (36%)