How to Use AggData to Create Maps with ArcGIS

AggData has the benefit of being very versatile and easy to use within many mapping programs. One such program is ArcGIS.   ArcGIS is a very effective mapping program that allows you to easily input your AggData.  Simply follow the steps of this tutorial to create your own map.

Step One:

Once the Arc GIS program is open (as shown above), you can then locate the Basemap button and click it to choose which map you prefer.

Step Two:

There are several different options that give you a chance to create a unique and effective map.  For this particular example we will use the Streets map to create our AggData map.

Step Three:

Once the map opens, go to the top of the page and locate the Add Content button.  Click on it to add AggData to the map.

Step Four:
Once the Add Content menu opens, click on Text Files.

Step Five:

Locate the AggData on your computer, and double click the file you would like to use.

Step Six:

Another Add Text File box will open to assure you have chosen the correct file.  It will also let you know it may take a few minutes to put the data on the map.  Simply click Yes to continue.

Step Seven:

The next box allows you to determine how you want to deal with the AggData.  Make sure you check Comma under the File Delimiters option.  Also make sure to click the checkmark next to First line contains field names.  Once both are clicked, then click on Next.

Step Eight:

The next box asks for Location Source information.  Choose the first option: Longitude and Latitude coordinates.  Then finalize the Adding of Text by clicking on Finish.

Step Nine:

It will probably take a few minutes for ArcGIS to compose the map.  Once it is finished you will have all of the AggData locations marked on the map, as shown below.

Step Ten:

For a closer look at certain areas of the map, you can use your scroll wheel to zoom in closer to specific locations to better see individual stores.  If you click on an specific location the map will provide coordinates and a notation box where you can input any information you may find useful.

Step Eleven:

Now that the map is created, make sure to save it for future use.  Click in the top left corner on the round ArcGIS button.  The Save File options will open.  Choose Save As to determine the location you would like the file to be placed, and the name you want to give it.  Then click on Save to complete this step.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a map using AggData in ArcGIS.