Chain Store News -October 15, 2013

Robbie Gale

In the "Chain Store News" we track news about major changes in various chain stores throughout the country such as broad store closings, openings, or acquisitions.  We then point you to our lists of relevant data so you can see how these changes might affect the retail landscape overall.

JC's 5 Star Outlet/JCPenney Outlet winding down operations, closing 15 stores, including Decatur location  -October 1, 2013
    Related AggData:   JCPenney

QuikTrip Just Getting Started in the Carolinas -October 1, 2013
    Related AggData:  QuikTrip

Rouse Properties Announces Partnership with Nestlé Café  -October 2, 2013
    Related AggData:  Nestlé Café

How Sally Smith Made Buffalo Wild Wings The Fastest-Growing Restaurant In America
    -October 4, 2013
    Related AggData:  Buffalo Wild Wings

Wendy's Brand Transformation Moves Onward; Seattle Restaurants Sold To Cedar Enterprises
-October 7, 2013
    Related AggData:  Wendy's

Four States, One Commonwealth and Twelve Dave's  -October 7, 2013
    Related AggData:  Famous Dave's

Muscle Maker Inks Deal and Heads West  -October 7, 2013
    Related AggData:  Muscle Maker Grill

UPDATE 1-Fifth & Pacific sells Juicy Couture brand for $195 million  -October 7, 2013
    Related AggData:    Juicy Couture,   kate spade

Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Plans For 27 New Southern California Restaurants In Central And Northern Inland Empire, Northern Orange County And With Embassy Suites San Diego
    -October 7, 2013  
    Related AggData:  Dunkin' Donuts

Sweetbay grocery chain to become Winn-Dixie stores  -October 8, 2013  
    Related AggData:  Sweetbay Supermarket,   Winn-Dixie

Remke Markets dropping bigg's name from all stores  -October 10, 2013  
    Related AggData:  Remke Markets

Safeway to Exit Chicago Market -October 10, 2013  (72 Dominick's Finer Foods are closing)
    Related AggData:  Safeway Canada,   Dominick's Finer Foods,   Safeway

PRESS RELEASE: Ross Stores Opens 24 New Locations  -October 14, 2013
    Related AggData:  Ross Stores

PRESS RELEASE: Supermarkets Looking for Space in New Jersey  -October 14, 2013
    Related AggData:  Pathmark,   A&P,   Wegmans,   Whole Foods,   Weis Markets,   Aldi,   Bottom   
  Dollar Food
,   H Mart,   ShopRite,   PriceRite

Bonefish Grill Opening Nine New Locations across the Country  -October 15, 2013
    Related AggData:  Bonefish Grill