Complete data means quality information.
Quality information means great decisions.

AggData goes to the source and extracts the data you need.  Data that's accurate, up-to-date, complete, and actionable. 
Data that's available at the click of a button whenever and wherever you need.

We have two servings of AggData:


Making the right decision at the right time means you need to have a complete picture.  We bring it all together so you don't have to.


AggData goes straight to the source and extracts data using the most advanced and tested algorithms, so you don't waste time checking the facts.


Great ideas and innovative solutions don't always come when you're ready for them.  AggData lead lists come in a CSV format you can access when and where you need it.


Your business is moving quickly and things change every day.  We run our data scraping process regularly to ensure you can access relevant and up-to-date information at the snap of a finger.

Which AggData is right for me?


  • "AggData is the one supplier of retail locations that does it right. They have the most affordable and most accurate data available. They also have the most comprehensive list of retailers, with a database that is constantly growing. The lists are clear and concise so I know I am only paying for the information that I need. After trying several other vendors, AggData is the only choice for me."
  • "We love AggData and cannot believe that it has taken us this long to find your site. It makes life so much easier for all of us especially if we are targeting a potential new client and want to find out where all their existing stores are. It has been very helpful to help grow our business."
  • "An accurate and affordable solution for your retail and restaurant location data."
  • "We've been using AggData to locate retail stores throughout the United States and found the quality / value of the chain location data to be excellent, much better at a far better value than other data sources we've tried. The team at AggData is very responsive, so we know if there ever is an issue, they will make it a top priority to resolve. The value of the service is well worth the price."


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