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To make smart business decisions, you need to have the right information at the right time.  Do you need a list of all Walmart, Starbucks, or Citibank locations?  Another retail or business location?  This type of data extraction takes time, especially if you consider the work that goes into finding, compiling, and organizing that data for each analysis and evaluation. Save your time and resources, and let us do the finding and collecting for you!


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Need specific list for projects here and there? Get access to just that list.

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Need more than a few lists? Need them often? AggData Premium gives you access to all our datasets, all the time - at a fraction of the cost.

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Don't see the data you're looking for? Tell us what you need, or where you want to go. We will find, compile, and deliver the data to you.

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Targeting a new client base or expanding your reach? Discover what's happening in your industry with an AggData Bundle.

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Sometimes you need more than one or two lists, but you don't need access to hundreds of lists all the time. For these situations, AggData offers data bundles. We package up similar lists and deliver them to you at a fraction of what it would cost to buy each list individually. Some of our most popular bundles include:

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Up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive data gives you information that opens up a world of possibility. We take the struggle out of the research, so you can focus on the possibilities.

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With AggData you get instant access to hard to find information. To illustrate the depth of the information AggData gathers in a single data list, we invite you to explore some of our free datasets: