Founder Chris Hathaway created AggData to solve his own problem – his need for applicable and relevant location data related to his work and studies in data extraction. Too many hours were spent searching the endless Internet for valuable information. Chris realized that he could champion a solution.

From its beginnings, AggData has grown to be a business partner by developing and updating data for over 4,500 businesses and organizations. Industry leaders such as Simon Malls, and Petco all rely on AggData’s continually expanding library of data, while small start-up companies look to AggData for information related to planning, development, and marketing strategies. AggData is continually sourced for its complete, accurate, and up-to-date data.

The AggData team prides itself on developing and delivering data-driven solutions that assist you in your critical tasks. Whether it be introducing new products into the market place, expanding your reach, diversifying your products, or targeting new marketing channels, AggData is a business partner that can ensure you will reach your goals. Many of our clients rely on us as the basis to develop and launch leading technical solutions including mobile phone applications and web mashups.

And behind all of it is a team of dedicated professionals that understand the necessity of precise information to help your business succeed. Your success is our success – that’s what a solid partnership means.