Terms of Use

Terms of Use (Updated April 25, 2017)

In plain English, here are the terms of use for any purchased set of data at AggData.com:

You May:

  • Use the data for personal purposes.
  • Use the data internally within your company.
  • Publish statistics or visuals using the data. Attribution to “AggData” is required; a hyperlink to www.aggdata.com is appreciated.

You May Not:

  • Integrate the data into a forward-facing GIS/Mapping platform, or other application or service, without prior written consent of AggData.
  • Sell, publish, license access to or give away the purchased data in its current form, or in any raw form that retains the original intent to provide large or complete location-based datasets.
  • Allow users of an application or service that uses purchased AggData to download or export large or complete portions of the data.

AggData and its partners reserve the right to pursue legal remedies against a customer who violates these terms. If you are unsure whether your use of the data is appropriate or in accordance with these terms, please contact us with any questions.