Special Analyses

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Competitive Analysis: Sam's Club Closures

On 1/11/18, Walmart announced that they would be closing 63 Sam’s Club locations. This list analyzes instances of overlap between the 63 closures and the following competitors:

  • Costco Wholesale Club
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Target
  • ...Read more

Amazon/Whole Foods Pro-Forma Analysis / Outline of Pros/Cons

Our team of industry experts has released a pro-forma and store-based analysis which includes the following:

  1. Transaction overview
  2. Outline of Pros/Cons
  3. Pro-forma Sales, EBITDA/EBITDA margin, Interest Expense, Interest Coverage, Cash, Debt, Equity
  4. ...Read more

2017 M&A Report

After three consecutive years of increases, 2016 global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity fell to $3.840 trillion, from the 2015 record high of $4.660 trillion. Analysts are predicting 2017 will keep pace, as companies and investors remain receptive to building scale. The Merger...Read more

2017 Store Activity and Retailer Health Analysis

With roughly 4,000 major retail chain store closings last year and up to another 10,000 expected in 2017, brick-and-mortar retailers are scrambling to remain relevant. Our 20 page Store Activity and Retailer Health Analysis report includes a list of retailers both adding and closing stores in...Read more