We know that there is choice when it comes to partnering with a data provider. AggData has taken great care in ensuring that we cover all of the details, making your experience with AggData seamless and valuable. We don’t settle for just doing the job – we fully invest ourselves and our technology to be able to produce the most accurate, complete, and easy-to-use products in the industry. AggData is designed to support your vital business processes.


From the beginning, AggData has relied on extracting data from primary sources, and not relying on third party list generators as much of the competition does. Many suppliers of data don’t necessarily have a niche that they focus on, where as we at AggData concentrate on business and chain location lists. This dedicated focus allows us to be experts in this sector, something that others cannot claim to be.


Our data is unrivaled when it comes to accuracy and entirety. Our products help businesses and organizations from many corners of the world increase sales and return on investment, understand the industry and competition, and grow to be a more substantial player in their market.


The AggData team is dedicated to its clients and provides unparalleled customer support. Whether you require custom data development, information on subscription programs, or assistance with using our products, we are here to provide assistance in any way that will make your job easier.


AggData’s products cover an extensive array of businesses and organizations, meaning that you will likely find what you are looking for. Our product line is continually growing providing flexible regional coverage to compliment global scope.


What is delivered to you has been created so that you can maneuver the data to meet your specific needs. Data files are compatible with many software programs including Office products, databases, and customer relationship management tools.

AggData is a dedicated and trusted source that can assist you with your data needs and can provide you with innovative solutions related to your business’s data requirements. Our products are competitively priced – often much less than others you may have worked with in the past. We have worked to provide our products to our clients on a value based level, using scaling to subsidize the overall cost without jeopardizing the quality or accuracy of the data.

AggData is continually relied upon by our clients of all sizes because of the many benefits that AggData offers. Quality, flexibility, range, and support – AggData knows that you will experience the difference when you work with us.