Adding Icons to AggData Projects Using Google Earth Pro

Many people want to personalize the different locations they choose to map on Google Earth Pro.  Once you have imported AggData into Google Earth (as shown in http://www.aggdata.com/how/how-import-aggdata-google-earth-pro ), you can then personalize each type of location with the use of icons that you download or create for your use.  The following tutorial teaches you how to use icons to create a personalized map of your AggData.

Step One:

How to Count AggData Locations by State, Zip Code, or Country

Since AggData has so many uses, it is sometimes important to know how many stores are located within particular states, countries, or zip codes.  It is quite easy to create a table that will give you a clear view of this information.  Open your AggData in Excel, and then click on the Insert tab.  Once that has opened locate the Pivot Table on the far left.  Click on Pivot Table to begin the process.

Adding Zeroes Back to Zip Codes in Excel

Some zip codes in the United States are only four digits in length, or in the case of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands only three.   In order to assure conformity, the US Postal Service adds one or two zeroes to the beginning of shorter zip codes, so that all zip codes are five digits in length.

Since Excel is a program that is mainly used for formula and math graphing, the zeroes at the beginning of the zip codes read as obsolete to the program, and are thus eliminated when saved as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet document.