AggData to publish retailer data sets to Esri ArcGIS Online

Chris Hathaway

Integration will provide seamless updates to the latest data

Today from the ICSC Research Conference in Denver, CO - AggData is pleased to announce its plans to integrate with Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL).  What this means is that AggData Premium subscribers will soon be able to use Esri ArcGIS Desktop and Esri ArcGIS Online to directly import and map AggData retail location layers. The latest versions of the data will be automatically updated in the map view whenever the map is opened.
Available now, Esri AGOL users can test drive several free AggData layers from AGOL.  Users just need to bring up a map on AGOL, click the add data button, and type in AggDataICSC. Esri ArcGIS Desktop users can do the same trial by clicking “Add Data from ArcGIS Online” and searching for AggDataICSC.
“Geography is one of the most natural, logical, and intuitive ways to connect business data with the context needed to make more profitable decisions.,” said Simon Thompson, director of commercial industry at Esri. “It provides new ways to discover, sort, and apply analytical data to business problems. Aggdata providing this information on the ArcGIS platform opens up the ability for organizations, no matter their size, to put data into context and make it work for anyone, everywhere.”
Many real estate companies and retailers such as Target and Petco are currently using the data from AggData to perform real estate analysis using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) from Esri. With over 3,000 layers in 35 countries, AggData has one of the largest retailer databases on the market today.
AggData layers enable real estate professionals to quickly get to the analysis portion of GIS projects without burdening an analyst to gather and format the retailer data first.  For example, a shopping center owner can use AggData layers with Esri software to quickly compare a property to all the existing locations of a targeted retailer. 
Beitz and Daigh Geographics, a Real Estate GIS professional services firm and Esri Partner, is helping with the connections to Esri ArcGIS Online.  “We are excited to be working on this project for AggData. There are many uses for this data in the real estate and shopping center sectors.  This seamless integration will give Esri users quick access to the latest available retailer layers. We plan to have all this up and running by the end of the year.” says David Z Beitz, President of Beitz and Daigh.
To learn more please contact either Chris Hathaway ( or Victor Cammans ( from AggData. Both are currently attending the ICSC Research Conference where AggData is an Innovation Center Exhibitor.
AggData LLC is a data service provider. AggData is short for "aggregate data"; the site provides usable, portable databases of information extracted from across the web. Specializing in location based information, such as complete geocoded lists of retail chain locations, the quality of the data is assured by extracting from original, first-hand online sources, rather than re-tooling third-party databases.  For more information on AggData, please visit
Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc., an Esri Business Partner, provides cutting-edge GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology solutions for organizations looking to visualize, research, analyze, and display location data. Nationwide professional services and consulting are provided using the latest GIS software from Esri, the world leader in GIS. Professional Services offered include: Market Planning & Site Selection, Location Marketing, Web-Mapping, and Mobile Application Development. For more information on Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc., please visit