Complete Locations of Four Major US Mobile Carriers

There are currently four major carriers in the US for mobile phones: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.  Buy all four in a bundle and get a great discount!

List NameLast UpdatedRecord CountPrice
Complete List of Sprint Locations12/01/20184000 - 4250$99.00
Complete List of AT&T Locations12/02/20185250 - 5500$99.00
Complete List of Verizon Wireless Locations12/01/20187250 - 7500$99.00
Complete List of T-Mobile Locations12/01/20185750 - 6000$99.00
Total Record Count22500 - 23000
Total Unbundled Price$396.00
Instant Savings$116.00 (29%)