Top Black Friday Retail Locations

With that time of year upon us, retailers have revealed their black friday deals. We thought it would be fun to put together a list of the TOP retailers for black friday deals! The retailers chosen offered the best prices on the most popular items. 

List NameLast UpdatedRecord CountPrice
Complete List of Walmart Locations12/01/20184500 - 4750$99.00
Complete List of Target Locations12/01/20181750 - 2000$99.00
Complete List of Best Buy Locations10/05/20181000 - 1250$99.00
Complete List of Kohl's Locations11/30/20181000 - 1250$99.00
Complete List of Toys 'R' Us Locations04/03/2018700 - 800$99.00
Complete List of Macy's Locations11/01/2018500 - 600$99.00
Complete List of JCPenney Locations10/07/2018800 - 900$99.00
Complete List of The Home Depot Locations12/01/20182000 - 2250$99.00
Complete List of Sears Locations11/01/20181500 - 1750$99.00
Total Record Count14500 - 15000
Total Unbundled Price$891.00
Instant Savings$291.00 (33%)