Complete List of Kennelgate Pet Superstores UK Locations

This is a complete list of Kennelgate Pet Superstores UK locations along with their geographical coordinates. Kennelgate Pet Superstores UK offers everything you could possibly need for all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, small animals, birds, wildlife, fish, reptiles, horses, and poultry. The staff at Kennelgate are highly trained in animal nutrition and can advise customers on the best diet for their pets. Some stores have a Licensed Meds program with suitably qualified staff who are able to dispense medications such as Advantage, Panacur Wormers, Drontal Wormers , Frontline Flea Treatment, Plerion, and Droncit. Other services are a Grooming Parlour, a Self Service Dog Wash, Doggy Day Care and puppy training and socialization classes.

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