Chain Store News -Feb. 21, 2013

Robbie Gale

This is a ongoing feature we will be posting a few times a month called "Chain Store News". In it, we will track and summarize news about major changes in various chain stores throughout the country such as broad store closings, openings, or acquisitions. We will then point you to our lists of the relevant data so you can see how these changes might affect the retail landscape overall.

Ignite agrees to acquire Romano's Macaroni Grill for $55M  -Feb. 6, 2013

Related AggData:  Macaroni GrillJoe's Crab Shack

Performance opening new stores in Florida, Arizona -Feb. 7, 2013

Related AggData:  Performance Bicycle

U.S. Likely to Clear Airline Deal -Feb. 10, 2013

Related AggData:  American AirlinesUS Airways

Apple Closing 20 Retail Stores In Order To Expand Them, Accomodate More Customers  -Feb. 12, 2013

Related AggData:  Apple StoreApplestores Worldwide

Buffalo Wild Wings Reaches New Heights in Numbers with 900th Restaurant Opening -Feb. 18, 2013

Related AggData:  Buffalo Wild Wings

Regal Entertainment to Acquire Hollywood Theaters in $238 Million Deal -Feb. 19, 2013

Related AggData:  Regal Entertainment Group,  Hollywood Theaters

Office Depot, OfficeMax agree to merge -Feb. 20, 2013

Related AggData:  Office DepotOfficeMax