Chain Store News - Jan 18 2013

Robbie Gale

This is a new feature we will be posting a few times a month called "Chain Store News". In it, we will track and summarize news about major changes in various chain stores throughout the country such as broad store closings, openings, or acquisitions. We will then point you to our lists of the relevant data so you can see how these changes might affect the retail landscape overall.

Arvest Bank to acquire 29 banking locations in four states  - Jan 4, 2013
Related AggData:  Bank of America

Macy's closing 6 underperforming stores around U.S.  - Jan 5, 2013
Related AggData:  Macy'sBloomingdale's

7-Eleven Inc. Acquires 143 New Locations in San Antonio - Jan 9, 2013
Related AggData:  7-Eleven

Cerberus’ $3.3B Deal for 877 Grocery Stores Could Mean More Store Closings  - Jan 16, 2013
Related AggData:  Supervalu

Sweetbay to close a third of its underperforming Florida stores - Jan 17, 2013
Related AggData:  Sweetbay Supermarket

Former A-B exec to open Jamba Juice stores - Jan 17, 2013
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