New Premium Feature: List Builders

Chris Hathaway

We are excited to announce a new feature to our Premium subscription, introduced on our Premium interface last week.  It turns out that most of you, once you have access to now over 2000 datasets in the AggData Premium library, you want to be able to download more than just a single list at a time.  Until now we have been putting together these "dumps" of data for you on a case by case basis, but now, you will be able to build and download these on your own.  The new feature is called "List Builders", which are basically templates to allow you to download large portions of our library quickly and easily.  Creating a List Builder is done in three simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Define the Data - Here you choose what datasets you would like to include in the list builder.  It could be the complete library or a smaller portion of data, defined by a combination of individual lists, categories, and tracked lists.
  2. Step 2: Define the Columns - Here you decide which columns you would like the combined list to include and what order those columns should be in, using a simple drag and drop interface.
  3. Step 3: Define the Filters - You may also filter the data, for example, to include only certain geographic areas.  Currently, the only filter available is a state filter, but we plan on adding more soon.  Any feedback on fitlers you would like to see is appreciated.

Once the List Builder has been defined, you can just Save it, or Save and Run, which starts putting together the list based on your definitions.  Depending on how much data ends up in the final list, and how many other list builders are being run (by you or other users), it could take anywhere from a few seconds to an hour before you data is ready.  Once ready, the data can be downloaded in a zipped CSV file, and the List Builder stays on your account, so you can come back later and rerun the builder with all updated data.

We are still working on some official documentation, but hopefully this gets you started.  Login, click on the "List Builders" button, and let us know what you think!