Robbie Gale
This is a new feature we will be posting a few times a month called "Chain Store News". In it, we will track and summarize news about major changes in various chain stores throughout the country such as broad store closings, openings, or acquisitions. We will then point you to our lists...Read more
Erik Josephson
Erik Josephson is our resident Data Scientist, and has started to explore our library statistically, looking for interesting trends and conclusions. He will periodically document his exploits here - part for the sake of curiosity and part to inspire you to find new ways to explore AggData on your...Read more
Chris Hathaway
We were recently contacted by Gene Balk at the Seattle Times, who wanted to use our data for a series of posts on his blog at the Times, FYI Guy . The first of those posts went out today, which you can see here: We...Read more
Chris Hathaway
We are excited to announce a new feature to our Premium subscription , introduced on our Premium interface last week. It turns out that most of you, once you have access to now over 2000 datasets in the AggData Premium library, you want to be able to download more than just a single list at a time...Read more
Chris Hathaway
You may have noticed some changes around here. We've been working hard behind the scenes to completely redesign and relaunch Our old site was looking a bit dated and was missing a lot of information about AggData outside of our library of data. Here are some of the highlights:...Read more
Chris Hathaway
We're all about providing answers here at AggData, but sometimes it's just as important to understand the questions. Wolfram|Alpha is a different type of search engine that specializes in providing factual answers and calculations to real questions, and they've recently added AggData to...Read more