Frequently Asked Questions

AggData LLC is a data service provider. AggData is short for aggregate data which means a set of data that is collected together in one place and is delivered in the form of a list of records where each record has details about a specific object in the group. Examples of data sets could be complete lists of retail store locations or geographic country information. This information is often available to the public via the Internet, but AggData compiles it into an easily accessible and workable file.

AggData has partnered with a leading ecommerce company to handle payment acceptance and product delivery. All transactions are secure and immediate. Once payment confirmation has been received, you will almost instantly receive electronic notification providing you a direct link to the file that contains the list you purchased. The link provides access to the file for up to five (5) downloads or 120 hours. Should you need access past these parameters, please let us know and AggData will provide options to accommodate you.

The product(s) you purchase are in a digital format and can easily be printed, burned to a CD, or stored on your computer or electronic storage system which makes accessing and managing the information easy.

When we collect a set of data, we are confident that it is complete and accurate. We use advanced technical tools to extract data already available on the web, which means that we can only guarantee as much accuracy and completeness as the source provides. That said, we are very particular about making sure our sources are as official and as original as possible. We work with primary sources rather than third-party directories.

Customers will note on each data set description when the last update to the data was completed. AggData is committed to updating data sets at a minimum of every three months. Should you require a more current list than what is provided, please contact us to make arrangements. As well, we often work with clients to develop a custom solution for monthly subscriptions and other special requests.

Geocoding is an advanced and difficult process and unfortunately is not a perfect science. However, AggData is confident that the system we have developed extracts as accurate data as is available. Our first approach is to search for coordinates embedded in the code of the web pages. If this is not available, we proceed with three levels of geocoding APIs to map the addresses to coordinates, including APIs from Google and Yahoo. These are the same systems that Google and Yahoo use to map the addresses you type in a search bar to find locations on their map programs. Underneath these services are data sources common to most Geocoders including NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas.

Should these first two approaches not be successful, AggData will still attain coordinates from a street level, zip code+4, zip code, etc. This system has continually proven to be successful for our clients who have gone on to use them in their own geocoding and mapping projects.

In most cases, yes. Even with our extensive data library, we recognize that you might need specific data we haven’t yet compiled. We will often take those custom requests and integrate them back into our main library – this actually allows us to subsidize the cost of custom list development.

AggData has developed many methods of extracting information and most likely your request is comparable to one we have accommodated before. However, rare exceptions do exist where we cannot deliver what has been requested because of technical issues. In such cases, AggData is committed to working with you and can provide alternatives that might be sufficient for your data needs.

Yes. AggData provides discounted pricing on multiple list purchases. Tell us what lists you need to purchase and we’ll create a discounted package price for you. Typically, the more data lists you purchase, the larger the discount you receive.

AggData does offer a subscription service which provides you access to the entire data library whenever you need it. AggData Premium was developed just for this purpose. We also provide the option of purchasing updates of individual lists in advance, where if you need a year’s worth of quarterly updates, we can bundle those products and provide discounts. Contact us to find out more about our data subscription services.

There are restrictions to the use of data. Please review our Terms of Use for full details.

The file you receive will be in CSV (Comma Separated Values). This type of file is easy to manage and work with, and is commonly used by many types of software and databases. Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program – these programs will automatically recognize the data and display it based on column headings. Now you will be able to sort, filter, and manipulate the data based on your needs. You also have the ability to import the data into a database, upload to a GPS unit, or print out for future reference.

Many zip codes in the north eastern part of the United States have zip codes that start with a zero (0). When data is extracted, we do capture this digit, however once imported into a spreadsheet program, that program may not recognize it is a zip code and exclude the zero. If opened in the CSV raw format or in a text editor program (i.e. Notepad), these digits will be evident.

To correct this in Excel, highlight the zip code column, right click and select “Format Cells”. You will see a “Special” category, under which there is a format titled “Zip Code”. Select this format type and click OK.